Why I have started writing this blog…


I’m writing this post purely because I want to remind myself the original intention of creating this blog! Apart from the many reasons of keeping a record of our family life, this blog also provides me with a platform to connect with people out there! (people outside of my circle!) Most importantly, this blog is now a voice of mine, it’s like my friend who I can confide in. (my friend actually said it’s my 3rd baby lol)

Being a stay-at-home-mom can be tough! Every day I am talking to a baby/toddler who can only babbles back with some non-existing words, so for the better half of the years I either only talk to myself, or I talk to the walls in front of me. No kidding!

The verge of going into Post-natal Depression

It can be quite depressing at times, especially for the first 6 months after giving birth to Eli. All I do every day was breastfeed the baby, then change nappies, then put him down for bed. I found myself exactly like a cow/milk machine! 2 months in being a new mom, I was exhausted physically and mentally. Physically tired because I didn’t have enough sleep, and mentally tired because I was bored and tired from the routine of taking care of a baby. (let alone the many struggles and challenges of my new found motherhood life!)

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I then realised why so many mamas out there are battling with post-natal depression! I felt as though if my family had not been helping me for the first month, I would’ve gone crazy too!

Nevertheless, people seldom talk about these things nowadays, especially when they’re all busy with their little ones! We- as moms, often think first about the kids and last about ourselves…And, it’s not a healthy thing to do! My mentality is, if we are not happy ourselves, our kids won’t be happy also. They will mirror us, everything, from our behaviour to our outlook to life. I knew I had to do something to cheer myself up so I could be the best mom to Eli.

I am a working mom!

To be totally honest, I’ve always known myself as a working mom. Working as in I need to have something to do other than taking care of a baby. What I didn’t expect was the severity of the issue. I was physically and mentally stressed out, and I knew I needed another goal where I could balance out my life!

Hence, the birth of this blog!

I am a fashion and beauty girl!

I am a fashion and beauty girl at heart and I love trying out different outfits for different occasions! As a mom, the opportunity of wearing glamorous dresses/clothes decreases. I just don’t need to dress up to go to work every day! But…there’s a big but, that doesn’t mean we can’t be glamorous and wear high fashion every day! (so don’t ask if you saw me wearing a dress to the fair or even..to hiking! lol) I believe we can still be Mommy-licious!

I feel as a mom, I need to love myself more. And by that, I mean doing what I love and believe in, so I could give back more to my kids and to the society!

Women empowering women!

Last but not least, I believe in women empowering women! I don’t know how many women are currently experiencing post-natal depression or worse even, depression. What I do know is, positivity is a magnet game. If you are a happy and positive person, positivity will keep chasing you. On the other hand, if you are negative about things, negativity will come in a battalion!

Hence, people say when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!

And……that’s what I’m doing right now. I try to be the best I can be, bringing positive vibes to you all, and hopefully, somewhere in my blog, you can get hold of some good vibes too !

Ophelia xo

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