When baby cries: how to calm baby and mommy

Now I understand why some mommies can get post natal depression!

*Disclaimer: this post is not to deter you from giving birth or be scared about having a baby, view it as a possible solution to the endless cry.

If you are currently struggling with baby’s cry ……you might finally see an end to it! (yep! this can be done!)


The one thing that bothers me the most after giving birth to Eli is his cry. Yes the sleepless nights are unbearable but the worst for me… ….his cry! I’m usually a happy person so when I heard his constant cry, it puts me down, especially when I don’t know what he wants most of the time in the first few months.

Every mommy has to go through this stage, when both mommy and baby is so new to each other that they have no idea what the other party wants. They need time to get used to each other and baby has to deal with this new world too, as everything is new to them! Hence, this post to share with you what I do to calm baby and myself when baby cries.


1, Look at it in a different perspective

Baby cries, this is a fact and it won’t change. It’s their only way of expressing themselves. If you can’t change the situation, you might as well change the way of your thinking. Trust yourself and your baby, know that this is only temporary, once they are more used to you and this world, they’ll feel more secured and cry less. Take it easy mommies, and trust me, you’ll start not to hear so much of his cry and view this as a communication between you two! it’s magical how mommy can bond with her baby. There’s a study in Japan that suggest baby’s braincells are linked to mommy’s braincells. In other words, baby can sense what mommy is thinking. It shows that if mommy is happier, then baby will be happier too, and vice versa. Baby is practically a mirror of mommy, so beware of your attitudes mommies! lol.


 2, Singing hymns and nursery rhymes

Depending on your baby, singing songs and nursery rhymes when baby cry could be a solution. This def works for Eli! The singing somehow counteracts with his negative emotions and soothes him. Below are some of his fav hymns and nursery rhymes, perhaps your baby will stop crying when he/she hear them too! I feel better by listening to these songs too, they just lift my mood for some reason!

Hymn favs:

1, Jesus loves me

2, I’ve Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy (Down in My Heart) 

3, God’s Love Is So Wonderful 

4, The Wise Man Built His House

5, Give Me Oil In My Lamp


Nursery Rhymes favs:

1, ABC Song

2, Wheels On the Bus

3, If You’re Happy and You Know It

4, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

5, Row Row Row Your Boat 


3, Sleep as much as you can

Eli sleeping

Everyone must have said this to you already, but this is so true! Lack of sleep makes you more grumpy and more agitated with baby’s cry! Sleep and rest as much as possible during the day if baby wakes you up at night, then you’ll have more energy to deal with bad emotions!


4, Adhere to baby’s needs

adhere to baby's needs

Every baby is different and every day is different for them! Try to adhere to baby’s particular needs. For example, if you know baby needs a change of nappy, then adhering to his/her needs means less screaming and crying. Sometimes it’s the trivial stuff like for example, Eli doesn’t like wearing short sleeves to bed and will cry to the end of the earth if you don’t change him into long sleeves. You would know the best as you are the mommy! If you don’t know what your baby need then nobody will know.


5, Reassuring baby you love him/her 

Security for baby is of utmost importance. Baby needs to feel loved in this new environment! Reassure baby that you love him/her and you are by his/her side no matter what happens. By feeling your love, they’ll be more secured and comfortable with everything and cry less as a result.


6, Continue doing what you love 

continue doing what you love

Don’t forget yourself! I always believe if you don’t feel full yourself then you can’t give to the baby! Continue doing what you love before giving birth means you still feel you and have more to give to your baby when they are upset. For me, I love exercising and listening to music and those two will help me relax along the way. What do you love doing? Try to make time for it before you adhere to baby’s needs.


7, Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

As mentioned, if you don’t know how to do it then nobody will. You are the mommy, you know baby best! Believe in yourself and keep trying! Don’t give up! you will get there in the end.


8, Take a break!

take a break

Yes, take a break whenever you need to! You don’t have to feel guilty for taking a break as we mommies are not superwomen! we need a break and a cuppa once in a while! (every day actually! lol)


9, Pray!


Last but not least, the ultimate solution is praying! Believe it or not, it works every time with baby’s crying and i feel so much better after praying…! It works wonders!


So these are all I do to calm myself and baby down when baby is crying/screaming/throwing tantrums! Hang in there mommies and I’m sure you’ll get there!



Have a great weekend!

Ophelia xo



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