What to do when your baby have eczema


I am writing this post because a few of my friend’s kids have eczema, including my son who has it since he was 3-month-old. It seems fairly common these days. I am no expert in this but I want to share with you my experience regarding eczema and the useful things I have done fighting it.

when we went to the GP, all he did was saying he got eczema and gave him some emulsifying ointment to put on when skin is dry. Apart from that, he wanted to prescribe some mild steroid for Eli but I refused as I didn’t want Eli to be addicted to it. I know there could potentially be serious withdrawal symptoms (for more info regarding steroid withdrawal symptoms, you can refer to itsan.org)

After some research, I realised the whole lifestyle has to change if you really want to get rid of eczema and using a particular brand of cream is only a short term method to help with it. Below are a few of the methods/products I have used on Eli that helped.


1, Emulsifying Ointment

We use ZeroAQS Emollient Cream 500g on Eli 3 times a day when his skin was flaky and dry. The first time after washing face in the morning, second time after bath, and the last time before bed. The good thing about emulsifying ointment is that it is fragrance and colour free but the bad thing is it is fairly sticky. But if you are ok with stickiness, then it should be better than most of the other products out there as the thickness of it will help moisturise babies’ skin and prevent it from losing more water. You can also use this as a skin cleanser.

I found Eli’s skin got better and better when we continue using this ointment. But mommy have to be diligent and put the ointment on baby as soon as you found baby’s skin is dry.



2, Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Body Moisturiser 295ml

 This moisturiser can be used on face and body and is prescribed by a Hong Kong doctor. This is great if you prefer something less sticky but you would obviously need to up the frequency of applying to baby’s skin. This is very good for soothing inflamed skin and calm itchiness.


3, Bath less per week

we found bathing every other day (3 times per week) is better than bathing every day as this can prevent skin to dry up even more. And of course, this can free up some time for us mommies to take a break!




 4, Change our diet (if you are breastfeeding…)

Some food we eat have direct correlation to triggering the little one’s eczema. For me, I found having the below foods will trigger the onset of eczema in Eli. This includes dairy food (milk, cheese), most kinds of seafoods especially those with shells (crab, lobster, prawns, mussels, clams…fish is fine though!), processed foods and most importantly…MSG is a big no no! This means it’s hard for us to dine out in Asia as most chinese food contains MSG.)

On the contrary, try to have more green veg and fruits as these will lessen the effects of inflammation on baby’s skin. For more information of the Eczema diet, you can refer to https://www.healthline.com/health/skin-disorders/eczema-diet#overview1




5, Try to be positive as baby may grow out of it

Changing my attitude towards Eli’s eczema was indeed the biggest benefit to helping him fight it. Baby can feel our emotions and hence if we are negative about his, he will be more agitated and this might aggravate his situation. Try to take it easy (I know it’s hard!!) and be calm with the situation, this might just be temporary and he/she will grow out of it eventually! For Eli, his eczema eventually disappeared when he was around 6 month old. I just did all I could…eat well, moisturise well..etc, and time might just be the best healer!



What do you do when you little one has ezcema? Let me know by commenting below.

This is all I could think of to help mommies and babies out there with eczema. I hope it is of help to any of you. It could be a long journey but try not to lose hope, take it easy and fingers crossed your lil one will be recovered soon!

Ophelia xo


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