The secret of having brighter skin naturally


Do you long to have brighter skin all your life but don’t know which product you should buy? If you are saying yes, read on and you might just find the answer.

I am not selling you any products today, in fact, I am suggesting a method where you could brighten your skin without costing a fortune or breaking the bank! And I am gonna teach you how you can do it too.

No matter where you are from, what your skin colour is and what type of skin you have, every woman out there long to have bright, radiant, healthy skin with which you don’t have to put layers and layers of foundation on every day.

And the secret is……

……some 100% natural and organic pearl powder!

So what exactly is pearl powder?

A natural pearl before being made into pearl powder

This effective and all-natural beauty treatment dates back to ancient China. In essence, Pearl powder is made from freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls. They are crushed, sterilised in boiling water and then milled into a fine powder and is suitable to use for cosmetic purposes.

Benefits of using pearl powder on our skin

There are various known benefits of using pearl powder on our skin.

Pearl powder is widely believed to help improve the appearance of the skin, and is used as a cosmetic by royal families in Asia. It is also used as a treatment for acne. Some studies have claimed that pearl powder can stimulate the skin’s fibroblasts, help regenerate collagen and accelerate healing of certain skin conditions, wounds, and burns.

Pearl powder is also renowned as a natural skin whitener that can be used to get fairer complexion. Conchiolin, one of the pearl’s ingredients, have a skin lightening effect on skin as it’s a protein that makes pearls shiny and luminous. In particular, it resembles the composition of collagen which is essential for our skin radiance and regrowth.

I came across this pearl powder when I was a teenager. One day, my mom got back from her Hainanese trip and brought some pearl powder back with her. I was instantly curious and asked what it was. She told me those were for her skin! Other than mixing in water or drinks to get the results you want (act just like supplements), one can also use it as a skincare holy grail.

Why pearl powder but not other skin brightening products?

Reason is as simple as, it’s 100% natural.

Most pearl powder you can buy out there is 100% natural and you can then mix it with your normal/favourite moisturiser. A lot of the brands out there who sell brightening/lightening creams include the ingredient Hydroquinone in it. I’ve stopped using skin brightening products with the ingredient Hydroquinone as it can cause skin irritation and inflammation, a burning or stinging sensation, or even itchy and flaky skin.

Some brand like Eminence do skin brightening creams without hydroquinone in it, so it’s safe to use on your skin. Hence, if it’s during summer time where I’m normally out in the sun with Eli most of the days, I like to give my skin some TLC by mixing in some pearl powder in my favourite moisturiser.

I’ve written a post about the organic Hungarian skincare brand Eminence, if you would like to read more, you can go to

How to use pearl powder?

I’d like to take a pea-sized amount of pearl powder and mix it in with my normal moisturiser and let it sink in as my final step of my skincare routine, just before putting on my sunscreen (during daytime).

Using just a pea-sized amount is enough as putting too much will actually dry your skin up. Alternatively, You can mix a bit of pearl powder and mix it in your water/ drink. It’s tasteless so it shouldn’t taste any different than your normal drink.

Where to buy good quality pearl powder?

My mom bought her premium-graded pearl powder from Hainan, China, as it originates from there. However, as I’m currently located in the UK, where it’s hard to get hold of something from China, I normally ask my mom to get it for me from the Beijing Ton Ren Tang Hong Kong’s store. If you want to get it from London, Beijing Tong Ren Tang has a shop in Chinatown, London!

There are loads of other versions out there online, but to be honest, as I use it on my face, I would avoid buying it online as I wouldn’t know for sure of its quality. Instead, I would go into the store and buy the pearl powder. On another note, I know Beijing Tong Ren Tang do sell some pearl skin rejuvenation facial masks, so if you like using facial sheet masks, you can try those out too!

Pricing of the pearl powder

The one that they sold in the Beijing Tong Ren Tang Hong Kong’s store is around HKD 200/ £20 per bottle, so I’d assume it would be pretty similar pricing at their London store !

So yep, my secret is out now! Go check it out if you are interested and if this article is of help to you, please comment and share it to your friends!

Love, Ophelia xo

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