The not your normal Leggings by Love Leggings- Review and GIVEAWAY!


*This is a gifted review in partnership with Love Leggings

Are you a fan of leggings? Or are you more of a jeans person? With leggings, it can be like marmite- you either love it or hate it.

Personally, I love a good pair of leggings as it is very versatile. You could wear it on its own with a top or you could wear it under a dress (which you can’t with jeans). However, it’s not always easy to find a quality pair. Hence, I’m pleasantly surprised when I found out about this brand- Love Leggings!

So, I have been gifted a pair of Full Length Maternity Leggings and a pair of Every Day High Waisted Leggings, both in black. As I’m already 7 months + pregnant, I could only wear the maternity leggings for the time being. I’ve tried on the classic leggings and can give a fair and honest review based on that.

Quality of Love Legging’s products

I have branded it “the not your normal leggings” as it is certainly not your normal kind where they are normally quite thin and could be easily worn out! With the UK weather, (which is usually cold and wet for the better half of the year…) I like to buy leggings which are thicker which means it is much warmer with better durability.

To be honest, I have yet to find a pair of leggings which is suitable to my taste lately on the high street- thick, durable, stretchable, comfortable, with a good fit where it is firm enough to hold in my tummy ! (it’s a big ask, I know right..haha) I know I’m fussy with my clothes, but more so with my basics and necessities, like underwear, jeans and leggings!

With Love Legging’s products, they are thick and not see through. When compared to my favourite pair of jeans, they are literally similar to the thickness of my jeans! What this means is that they are suitable to wear even in the chilliest of winter! How cool is that?

On top of that, it’s comfortable and stretchable. Both pairs of leggings are made up of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This means breathable and stretchable fabric to me! The material of the leggings also makes it quite firm. So although it doesn’t say it’s a tummy control product, it kind of does the job well!

Below are some photos of how they are in real life:

Wearing the maternity leggings at 30 weeks pregnant!
stretchy, comfortable & non see through!
especially suitable for winter as it’s quite thick- just like a pair of trousers!

Differences in the maternity range

So far so good then! Both pairs are of good quality and very comfortable. You might be wondering, are there any differences with the maternity range?

Yes there are! With the maternity pair of leggings, it covers up my bump well whereas for the high waisted leggings, it goes all the way up to my waistline. (maybe because I’m 5’4 and more on a petite side!) Also, the maternity pair has a slightly thinner material. I love the fact that it’s slightly thinner as us pregnant ladies can get a bit overheated at times!

Below are some photos of how they are when I paired with a top:

Sizing of the products

As you can see in my photos, they are quite tight-fitted and hold your bum quite snugly. Love Leggings do a variety of sizing, from size 4-6 up to size 28! They have a complete size guide for this as well so anyone can find their right size accurately and easily. I’m normally a size 6 but as I’m currently pregnant and want my leggings a bit on the looser side, I’ve bought them in size 8.

Sizing guide

Price of the Leggings

I’m pleasantly surprised that the leggings come at a price of only £14.50! I honestly don’t think you’ll be able to find something with this quality on the high street for the same price!

Prices vary with Love Legging’s different collections. With their Sports Collection, they are pricier.

Overall speaking, if you want to get a pair of high quality leggings, Love Legging’s would be your go-to place! Trust me, I don’t recommend them because I am currently partnering with them. Their quality speaks a thousand words and it’s the overall quality of the products that I would recommend them to you all.


Now, you are in for a treat! I’ve teamed up with Love Leggings to give away a pair of leggings to one lucky reader. (The leggings are to be chosen by you!) To be in with a chance of winning this prize please subscribe to my blog below and follow our Instagram accounts- @opheliasnc, @loveleggingsofficial

Giveaway will end 31st July, 2019. Winner will be contacted on 7th August, 2019.

Ophelia xo

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