The best kind of bags for all mommies 2017


What’s the best kind of bags for all mommies 2017? you may wonder. A diaper bag?  A massive tote to carry all of your kid’s toys?





No, No, No…

I am not talking about the big ones where you carry all of your baby’s essentials every day…

Here, I am talking about the you bag where you carry you own stuff.

I know some mommies don’t even carry a bag when going out, they just put their stuff into the diaper bag, but I actually find this harder as I can’t locate my stuff when I need them fast, like keys, tissues, lipstick..etc. I find it easier to have a me bag where I could just locate my things whenever I want (don’t need to pour everything out and find my car keys!)

And the best kind of bag for me is a crossbody mini bag where it’s light enough for me to run errands in for every day’s purposes, and I can still have my hands free for pushing the buggy. Perfecto.

Style/fashion is important too, although I am a mommy, I still want to be groomed whenever I go out.

Below is a list of the new IT bags for 2017 where both style and practicality fits the bill. Just ignore the price tag. lol


I. GG Marmont Camera mini quilted leather shoulder bag £715


Coming in a variety of colours, this goes with every outfit !



II. JÉRÔME DREYFUSS Victor nubuck shoulder bag £415


Love the simplicity of this style!



III. NICO GIANI Tunilla mini leather shoulder bag £370


retro look- you will wear this in the years to come!


IV. STELLA MCCARTNEY The Falabella Box faux leather shoulder bag £725


Love the metal detailing of the bag…


V. CHLOÉ Faye small leather and suede shoulder bag £930


chic and elegant!


VI. PRADA Textured-leather shoulder bag £820


If you like mini mini bags, this is the one for you.



Which bag is your favourite?  What kind of bags do you carry normally?

Let me know in the comment box below!


Ophelia xo



17 thoughts on “The best kind of bags for all mommies 2017

  1. Love the orange bag above so cool yet practical.
    And the Chloe bag!! I have always had eyes on them but I really do need to ignore the price tag?

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