The award-winning Bocketts Farm Park review 2019


I don’t think any moms would bring their kids to a farm on a rainy day, do you? The award-winning Bocketts Farm Park is an exception, I would say. Apart from the usual park facilities for kids to play outdoor, it has a massive variety of indoor soft play for kids to play for the day.

I love bringing Eli to different places. I especially like to bring him out to do some outdoor activities like going to parks, farms or even adventure parks just to let him play and run wild and learn from the nature. I believe letting him explore and play in a natural environment is vital to his brain development. (Studies have shown that stimulation from the early years is essential and beneficial to the child’s development).

What attracts me to Bocketts Farm Park?

Since we’ve moved from Canary Wharf to Coulsdon, Surrey, there are much more choices of outdoor activities to choose from and we’ve been to several different farms as a result. I’m choosing the Bocketts Farm Park to recommend to you all as i, you can go all year, even in those rainy days; ii, it’s got a separate tea room where you could have lunch without paying to get into the farm; and most importantly, it’s very different to any other farms that I’ve been to and it’s guaranteed to be a fun day for the family.

You know, with kids, it’s like you’ve got to have a million ideas/facilities for them to play as they get bored of something really easily. (imagine Eli playing with his favourite toy for 2 minutes and he would never pick it up again?!) And that’s exactly why I like to bring Eli to Bocketts Farm.

mega lego for kids to play
mega lego for kids to play! how fun?
this is inside the indoor soft play area
this is inside the indoor soft play area
working his way up !!

What facilities do they provide?

Apart from the usual park facilities for kids to play outdoor, it has a massive variety of indoor soft play for kids to play for the day (think trampolines, massive slide, soft play adventure area, tractor rides..etc), different variety of farm animals for them to explore (like literally every kind of farm animals you could imagine: Sheep, rabbits, chicken, horses, cow, pig, donkey…etc), you could buy a £1 feed for the kids to feed the animals (how exciting?!) Apart from those, there’s also pony rides for the over 3s and even a pig race every afternoon of the day.

Eli loves the bicycle/tractor track at Bocketts Farm
Eli loves the bicycle/tractor track!
He can just ride on these for a good half an hour...
He can just ride on these for a good half an hour…
saying hello!
hi mom and dad!!!

Where can we have lunch?

Whenever I bring Eli to Bocketts Farm, there seems to be endless things for him to play and he never gets bored. We like to spend the early afternoon having lunch at the Old Barn Tearoom. You won’t need to pay for a ticket to get into it as it’s located separately from the farm. It’s at the entrance of the farm. Or if we fancy something else, we’ll go to some nearby pubs to have thai food and go the farm afterwards.

Our Easter weekend at Bocketts Farm:

We went to Bocketts farm recently during the Easter weekend. We spent an afternoon there and Eli enjoyed every minute of it. He loved the indoor as much as the outdoor. There’s even this Easter bunny to take photos with everyone! And the favourite part of the day? lolly time! Every kid loves a good fruity lolly isn’t it? They have a small cafe inside so you could buy a cuppa and watch your kids play in the area.

Eli loves a lolly
Icecream/lolly time…:P
photo with the Easter Bunny!
photo with the Easter Bunny!
photo with the easter bunny
say cheeeeeese!

How about baby changing facilities/buggy parking?

There are buggy parking everywhere so it’s very handy. They also got a toilet indoor which has baby changing facilities, small toilets for the children and sinks which are at the children’s’ level which again is very convenient for the children to wash their hands after playing with the animals.

Downside of Bocketts Farm:

The downside of the farm is that the tickets are a bit pricey. It’s £11.95 for a standard adult ticket and for the children who are over 2 years, you need to pay for a ticket too. The price for a child’s ticket is £10.95. Children under 2 years are free though. So, if you are going as a family, you are looking at £35+ for a 3 person family. And the funny thing is, they don’t do any annual tickets like some other farms do! You need to pay on every visit, though you can get their 5 visit passes if you go fairly often. They charge for £47.80 for the adult pass and £43.80 for a child over 2 years pass, and you can use them within a year. For more information on their prices & time, you can go to the Bocketts Farm website.

What’s my conclusion?

All in all, I love the farm so much I don’t mind paying for their 5 visit passes to go with Eli. If you get to be in the area of Leatherhead, Surrey, go and have a look for yourself!

Where do you normally go and have fun with your kids? Let me know below in the comments box. If you got friends who are in need of outing ideas, feel free to share my post to them!


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