How to lose your belly weight after giving birth


*This is not a sponsored post. This is really what I think every woman needs for them to lose the belly weight after giving birth– A belly bandit and a confinement diet.


1, Belly Bandit

What is it? It is a band that wraps around your waist to tighten your muscles after giving birth.

Why do we need it? No matter whether you are slim or chubby, your core muscles of your stomach will be loosened  (some might even be broken as the pressure of pushing the baby out is massive!) after delivery of the baby hence the bandit will help the muscles to rebuilt afterwards.

A lot of people asked for my advice after my I gave birth to my little one as I’ve lost all of my belly weight after a mere 2 months. I’ve actually lost all of the pounds that I’ve gained in the 10 months pre giving birth. (For a fact, I’ve gained a total of 14 kg, yes, horrific!) I myself was totally surprised that I’ve managed to have lost all of that and I should give a reasonable amount of credit to the belly bandit.

There are various types of bandits available on the market and it could be a nightmare to choose which ones to buy and which ones to avoid. I have done enough research and I ended up buying a belly bandit from the original belly bandit

The specific one that I bought was the ‘Organic by Rosie Pope Belly Bandit’

I’ve chosen this product for the main reason that it is made with organic cotton so I could wear it day and night ensuring that I still feel comfortable and not overheated. I brought it with me to the birth centre and have since started wearing it 24/7 apart from shower after giving birth to the little one. I think the most important reason people failed to lose their weight wearing a belly bandit is because they don’t wear it persistently. They put it on for an hour then take it off. For me, I don’t think it works like that. You will have to wear it for at least a decent amount of time if you want to succeed. (No pain, no gain right?) For myself, I wore it for a total of 6 weeks until I found it is not making huge progress on my waist then I’ve decided it’s time to put it away.


2, A confinement diet

Having a confinement diet is a Chinese tradition. It simply means a lot of taboos within the confinement period (normally a month!) so that your body have time to heal and recover itself. The confinement also has some specific food that you need to consume after giving birth. If it’s not for you then it’s not as the taboos might prove to be tough after a tough traumatic delivery of the baby itself.

I won’t go into detail regarding all the taboos here (perhaps another post if you are interested!) as I’m focusing on losing belly weight in this post. So how does the confinement relates to losing weight? it has a direct effect on weight as it has specific food that you need to consume and things that you can’t consume. For example, You can’t have water during the month. ( yes, I’m serious!) For replacement of water, roasted rice tea/black bean tea are consumed within the month instead. The reason for not consuming water is that water will make your body bloated whereas roasted rice/black beans will help flush out all the toxins/waste in your body. In my opinion, they did help on losing belly weight. Another thing you have to avoid for the month is salt/soy sauce as these will cause bloating as well.

Another taboo that helps lose weight is not to have any food that increase the strength of your body in the first 12 days post partum, these include most meat like chicken, pork etc. The one thing I had the most in the first two weeks postpartum is fish and rice. My mom made these really tasteless meals (I’m the complaining, mom! lol) for me, 3 times a day, so that my body could recover asap.

So, having a confinement diet is not to have less food, but choosing the right kinds of food as your body will need to recover from delivering a baby, your organs need to go back to their right places, and your bones and muscles need to be strengthened. I hope this gives you a rough guideline on how to lose belly weight fast postpartum. Good luck if you are expecting a baby and hope you lose weight fast!

Ophelia xo





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