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Do you live in the London/Surrey area but have run out of ideas of where to go with kids? If so, read on as I’ll be introducing my son’s favourite themed park to you todayChessington World of Adventures Resort!

You might be thinking, themed parks are for older kids and are not suitable for toddlers! I used to think the same too! We went there for the first time back in 2017, and I was surprised about how toddler-friendly the park is. To date, we’ve been to Chessington for over 40 times! (crazy right?!) And Eli’s still loving it nonetheless.

Why Eli loves it so much

I reckon he’d still be happy if I brought him to a field where he could just run wild, but going to Chessington is a different ball game to Eli. As a matter of fact, he always finds going to Chessington very exciting! There are endless things for him to play and explore, and it is the variety of rides and the whole vibe that attracts him! (E.g. There are themed music at the park entry, games room for kids, soft play…etc) Everything that kids love, it seems Chessington has it all.

His favourite rides

His favourite rides have got to be those especially catered for toddlers. (10 rides available for those below 0.9m and 5 rides for those above 0.9m. Eli’s been on them all. (Partly because we’ve been there for a zillion times already lol) But he sure has his firm favourites.

His favourites are, currently:

-Tiny Truckers

-Toadies Crazy Cars

-Adventure Tree

-The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

-Pirate Ship

His favourites are all to do with either cars, or animals, so Chessington surely knows how to cater for children!

For animal lovers

Apart from rides, there are loads of other things to do at Chessington with a toddler. There are different kinds of animals for children to explore, such as, lions, tigers, gorillas, reindeers, sea lions…to name a few. There are also a small farm and an aquarium for those who love farm animals and sea life creatures.

For Gruffalo lovers

If you love Gruffalo, there is a special ride called The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure. This is a boat ride where it takes you on a magical riverboat journey through the deep dark wood. As you float down the lazy river, the world of The Gruffalo will magically unfold in front of your eyes, with exciting twists and turns along the way!

This is one of the main attractions of Chessington and is actually my favourite ride! It’s quite magical to get in there albeit you’ll get a bit wet!

There is also a Gruffalo Arena where kids get to encounter some familiar creatures of the book through singing and dancing. It’s super fun and you get to meet Gruffalo himself too!

Restaurants inside the park

There are various restaurants at the park, but they are mainly fast food shops. So if you are a fussy eater like I do, you might want to eat outside before you enter the park. Alternatively, you could bring your own food and eat at the picnic areas.

We love to have some proper food before going in. Our go-to restaurant is in the area Leatherhead (5 mins drive to Chessington) called The Plough. It’s a pub but it serves authentic Thai cuisine.

Are there annual tickets or other passes?

You can get an annual pass to Chessington for £65 online (12 months entry to Chessington). So it’s a good deal as a normal ticket costs £29.50 online. (The prices are significantly higher if you buy on the day!)

We bought our premium Merlin passes as we could explore more places with Eli during the year. (The perks of being a SAHM I guess lol) Also, the premium Merlin passes includes parking and 20% discount on food, drinks and retail! It also has no exclusion dates as opposed to the annual pass. (Where they exclude entry on August’s weekends!)

Overall, we love going to Chessington World of Adventures Resort as it’s a fantastic all-round park for toddlers and children.

Do you love exploring with your kids too? Where do you go with them normally? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share and subscribe to my blog if you like my posts.

Ophelia xo

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