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Ophelia is a fashion & motherhood blogger who lives in London. Originally from Hong Kong, she is also a mommy to her 2.5 year old son, Eli.

Formerly a Legal Consultant, Ophelia has decided to quit her high pressure career to be home with Eli and it’s after the miraculous journey of natural birth that she found passion in blogging about fashion and parenting.

Ophelia started Mommy-licious to share her love for fashion and motherhood to the world. As a mommy and a fashion lover, she believes that every mommy out there can still be glamorous and beautiful while juggling to be a mom.

Mommy-licious can be done!

If you would like to contact me via email, you can email me at opheliachan@mommy-licious.com

"Men are what their mothers made them." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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