A colourful clothing brand for the fashionistas: Boden


Are you the type of girls that are more into trends? or are you more into classic styles and quality? I wish we could have both right, I find most brands out there are either very trendy or they do brilliantly quality clothes. It’s an “either or” branding strategy.

I think my fashion methodology has evolved. If it was 10 years ago, I would definitely say I was more into trends then quality (I would never wear the same outfit twice :P); but after being a mom (and a stay at home one!) I really don’t need different fancy dresses for everyday purposes. I’ve evolved into this classic-styled lady where I like to buy more classic pieces that are of good quality. (and by good quality I mean the colour won’t fade with a few washes and it won’t look like as if it is an old piece lol) For now, I like my wardrobe to have a bit of both. Hence, I go to different brands for different reasons.

I’ve always known Boden as a big colourful clothing brand but funnily enough I’ve yet to try out their clothes until they approached me to see if I would like to partner with them in advertising the brand. I have been gifted with clothes and in return I’ll write some instagram posts for them for a few months. It was a joy and honour to work with the brand, to say the least! I was so excited. I scoured through their website on a friday night and filled my shopping basket with clothes. (Online shopping is a godsend for moms like me hehe!) I ended up buying 2 dresses and 1 cashmere sweater for myself and a few t-shirts for Eli.

So these are actually what I bought at Boden:

I bought them in the exact same shades, unfortunately with the cashmere crew neck jumper, the pink one I bought was out of stock. But there are loads of colour choices for the same style of clothing. And that’s the lovely thing about Boden. They’ve got 10+ colour choices for the same style, so it’s really nice that you can have so many colour options where not a lot of brands do. Another thing I love about the brand is that you can choose the fit of that particular product. What this means is they provide 3 different fittings for you to choose from: Petite, Regular or Long. And you can just click which one you prefer for that product. It’s super convenient for me as I don’t have to filter for the petite range every time I go to the website. Alternatively, you could go to the top of the webpage and click “petite range” and they will show all items in that category. Slick, isn’t it?

So this is how Eli & I wear the items:

Boden by me
I could wear this on any day! It feels summery just to put this on! (even when the weather is crap outside :P)

wearing the Boden talia dress
Wearing the Talia Jersey Dress in red!
selfie of the boden dress
I like the fact that it has sleeves so I could wear it when it’s a bit more chilly!
Boden cashmere crew neck jumper
This jumper is 100% cashmere and its super comfortable to wear!
cashmere jumper by boden
I normally don’t prefer pink but this just goes with anything!

These are what I bought for Eli:

My boy is very fussy with what he wears, he like to choose his own clothes and has his own preference of colour choices. (at the age of 2?! I know right?! totally bonkers!) And to top it off, he won’t wear anything that is not comfortable, i.e. normally that would only mean he wears cotton only.

So as a mom, I just choose what I want and hope he’ll wear it. (LOL!) Thankfully, he loves all of them! (I definitely think the guitar helps a bit there haha) And those are not expensive at all, they are priced reasonably and some are even on discount! Go check out their website for some summer deals, you would be surprised at how many items you can buy for a fraction of prices when on sale!

Oh! I haven’t mention about the quality of the clothes yet! Those are super soft, very comfortable, and most of the children’s clothing are made in cotton. The material is quite thick and durable and I think it would last for a long while. As for the adult clothing, I just love the different fits they do. They also have different fits with the dresses as well. They’ll tell you in the description of the product whether the fitting of that product is a tight fit, slim fit or a relaxed fit, which again is very helpful as we girls always need different fits for different occasions right?

All in all, I love the brand and I’ll be shopping with Boden again very soon! Watch this space for more reviews of their products in the coming months !

Ophelia xo

*This post is not sponsored but the items of clothing have been gifted by Boden.

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