8 Best child friendly restaurants in London


If you love food and especially love exploring where to eat good food in London, you’ll probably have learnt that most popular restaurants in London are catered for people without kids. They are not child-friendly as such that they don’t have baby-changing facilities, let alone a kids’ menu or a play area for the little ones. There really are not many choices for us parents to go except for going to large chain restaurants or cafes.

I’ve looked around recently and have rounded up 8 of the best child-friendly restaurants in London. I’ve chosen these restaurants based on their quality of food, baby-changing facilities, kids’ menus (whether they are healthy or only have fish n chips for the lil ones…) and play zones, if there are any. Some of them are chains, they are fine with me. It’s not about whether they are chains or not, but whether they serve good food and cater for kids are the most important factors for me.

1, Wahaca

I love going to Wahaca with my family. It’s a Mexican chain which has the perfect sized finger foods for children. Brilliant especially if you are doing the baby-led weaning! Their food is delicious and the kid’s menu normally consist of a build your own tacos or quesadilla sandwiches. Quite healthy compared to many of the other chains as its got guacamole with tomato salsa in the kid’s sandwiches and they’re mostly just sautéed/grilled instead of deep-fried. It’s also got a lively atmosphere which means you don’t have to worry about your kid being too noisy in the restaurant.

Baby changing facilities checked. Quality of food checked. Kid’s menus checked.


2, Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian is probably one of the restaurants I go most often with Eli. I love their kid’s bag which has everything to entertain them. They include stickers, crayons, and little books for them to draw on. They always have kids eat free during school holidays and even free prosecco for the adults! There are a variety of options on the kids’s menu. Eli’s favourite is the fish stew which includes a sustainably caught cod with Jamie’s organic seven-veg sauce, potato dumplings, peas, basil & lemon.

Healthy quality food checked. Baby changing facilities checked. Kid’s menus checked.


3, Roka

I love Japanese food and there certainly aren’t many good Japanese restaurants which are child friendly in London. (if you know of any, please let me know!) Roka is one of the best that I know of which is child friendly. Their weekend brunch is lovely, you get your own starter, main course and dessert and then you’ve got a selection of other food on the counter. It’s bascially like a buffet. If you love a buffet and japanese food, you have to try Roka’s weekend brunch! This is for adults though, for kids, they get a free bento box and a play area full of toys to keep them occupied, sounds good for a family lunch, right?

Baby changing facilities checked. Quality of food checked. Kid’s menus checked. Play area checked.


4, Yiban

I don’t think I could live in London without a good Chinese restaurant, especially one which I can say is almost as good as the ones in Hong Kong. Yiban is a child-friendly Chinese restaurant located near Royal Albert DLR station. If you are driving, they have plenty of free bay parking next to the restaurant. The view of the restaurant is magnificent, with a view of the thames and the City airport (kids can see the aeroplanes !) Food is good. Eli loves his fried rice and steamed dumplings! They don’t have any kids’ menu unfortunately but it’s easy to give them a portion of your food as we normally share our food in the Chinese culture. You could walk along the river after your meal, which is a bonus!

Baby changing facilities checked. Quality of food checked.


5, Hix Soho

Mark Hix’s plush Brewer Street restaurant is next on my list as the chef himself campaigned for better food in restaurants for children, it’s rather child friendly! It’s not the cheapest restaurant in town, but kids under 10 eat free from a special menu when accompanied by a dining adult between 4-6pm on weekdays and 12-6pm on Saturdays. Options include sausage and mash, fish fingers with mushy peas and a breaded chicken breast.

Baby changing facilities checked. Quality of food checked. Kid’s menus checked.


6, Tom’s Kitchen

Tom’s Kitchen is another child friendly restaurant which has all the basics plus a children play room, with lots of toys to entertain your little ones. Kids eat free during weekends in Canary Wharf, with a dining adult. The kids’ menu got a variety of options too, with healthy mini mains and fresh fruit skewer as a dessert! Kid’s also get to choose their own drink, from mini milkshakes to smoothies, it’s all sorted out for you. Interesting choices, I must say!

Baby changing facilities checked. Quality of food checked. Kid’s menus checked. Play area checked.


7, Loch Fyne Seafood bar & Grill

If your little ones love fish, go no further than Loch Fyne Seafood bar & Grill. It’s a chain restaurant which serves fish and seafood as their main dishes. The kids’ menu include a selection of fish plus peas and fries, your could also order fresh fruits as a dessert! The only downside is that the kids’ menu doesn’t come with a drink, so you would need to order an extra drink for your kid if need be.

Baby changing facilities checked. Quality of food checked. Kid’s menus checked.


8, Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen is a Gordon Ramsay Chain with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Their kids’ menu is inspired from Tilly Ramsay’s cookbook which includes a slow cooked beef and mash and make your own icecream. Their a la carte menu is not cheap but kids eat free every day there, so you can save a few quid for a drink perhaps!

Baby changing facilities checked. Quality of food checked. Kid’s menus checked.


Where do you eat with your little ones in London? I would love to know more from you!

Ophelia xo


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