6 reasons why a stay-at-home mom should be made a paid job


Simply because being a Stay-At-Home Mom (SATM) is the hardest job ever? From being a childcare teacher to being a chef, being a Stay-At-Home Mom essentially means an amassment of 10 jobs in one person.

I don’t know why I’m writing this but I feel like the role of being a full-time mother at home should be celebrated. All moms should be proud of what their role is and should be proud to say to everyone that they are in fact, a housewife.

There are a lot of arguments towards the topic, and today I’m not dwelling on the pros and cons of why SATMs should get paid. Rather, below are purely my opinion on the issue.

So, why should Stay-At-Home Moms be made into paid jobs?

1, Stay-At-Home Moms is a 24/7 job

I grew up in a family where my mom took on the role of a full-time mother. I used to think she was more free than other mothers who needed to go to work, but I was wrong. I quickly came to realised that in fact, how much my mom has sacrificed for us and how much time she has to put in compared to other working moms.

From household chores to making us breakfast, lunch and dinner, she was always busy with something, every day, including the weekends.

According to a survey done by Salary.com, the typical stay-at-home mom works almost 97 hours a week, spending 13.2 hours as a day-care teacher; 3.9 hours as household CEO; 7.6 hours as a psychologist; 14.1 hours as a chef; 15.4 hours as a housekeeper; 6.6 hours doing laundry; 9.5 hours as a PC-or-Mac operator; 10.7 hours as a facilities manager; 7.8 hours as a janitor and 7.8 hours driving the family car.

It’s more than double the amount of time of a person’s typical work week- 40 hours. It’s insane how SAHMs are working so hard, for free!

2, SATMs have 10+ titles at home

I have always wanted to be a working mom from the start. (Working mom as in working in an office!) In fact, I have eluded all my life from the title of SAHM as I don’t think I will survive doing that, knowing how hard it is. (I’ll probably die of boredom doing all the household chores…Ha!)

But for some absurd reason, I became one myself. (God has thrown this upon me knowing I would struggle….! And that’s his perfect will I guess lol)

So, I am now a childcare extraordinaire, a full-time milk machine (when I was breastfeeding 24/7), a cleaner, a driver, a household manager, an events manager, a chef, a book reader or perhaps an I-pad operator, laundry machine operator and a psychologist…you name it, I’ve done it, all.

If having one job title entitles one to earn a salary, shouldn’t a SAHM be earning a salary too?

3, They are in for the long haul

According to the latest research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee stayed 4.6 years in one job (2014 figures). As a matter of fact, I find this number quite long already, taking into account people nowadays are less loyal and are much likely to change jobs for better salaries and job titles.

On the other hand, being a SAHM is for the long haul. When I say long haul, I mean we have work to do until our children turn 18. And that’s at least another 18 years for me!

You might say as a mom, we have to take care of our kids regardless; however, we always have a choice to not stay at home and spend time with our little ones! If companies reward employees for their loyalty, SAHMs should be rewarded for their time and care for their children too!

4, Many still need to earn a living for the family in addition to being a mom

SAHMs include those who are single parents. With these moms, and also with a lot of other moms, many still need to earn a living for the family in addition to being a mom.

Why? Because one doesn’t earn anything as a mom, but the family still need funds for housing, food, bills…and so on. Housewife, in simple terms, is not a profession at all, as no money is involved (unless your other half pays you..) It’s a sad truth.

I am fortunate that my husband has a decent job where I could just stay home and take care of Eli, but the ego side of me is always on the lookout for making more money to help with the family.

5, They nurture the world’s future leaders

As a mom, no matter you are a SAHM or you are a working mom, we are in for a great cause. We are all investing in our next generation- the world’s future leaders.

Yes, teachers are said to be responsible of nurturing our children at school. But the largest responsibility lie with us, as parents, as the kids spend the most time with us. If we do well as a family unit, I’m sure they will do well in the society too! Won’t some compensation make us happier parents?

On the other hand, if SAHMs worried about making ends meet at home, they are indirectly teaching their kids about how to worry for money too! That’s bad for the economy, isn’t it?

6, SATMs have no careers, their children are their everything

Quite literally! 9 out of 10 SAHMs have quitted their jobs to be home with their children. With me personally, I sacrificed my career as a legal consultant to be a full-time mom. To me, nothing is more important than spending time with Eli. I would not want to miss a moment in his childhood since if they are gone, they are gone, forever.

Our children is our everything! It’s our choice to be SAHMs, but if SAHM is a legit profession, how lovely would that be?

Now you might say being a mom is a privilege and one shouldn’t put a price tag on it. Yes, even without a salary/income, SAHMs will still work their ass off for their family, simply out of love. But, there’s a big but, will you take it for granted if you get a free lunch? Of course you do! (it’s humanity don’t blame yourself!) Hence, I say SAHMs should 100% get paid as you don’t want nobody to take you for granted. Nowadays, everyone is saying equality and respect for one another, and it’s time to celebrate the profession as a Stay-At-Home Mom!

What do you say?

Ophelia xo

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