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Once upon a time there was a girl who doesn't do the dishes, clean the house, let alone taking care of a baby! The simplest stuff in the eyes of most women out there was her absolute nightmare. She couldn't imagine being a housewife in her wildest dreams. But somehow, after being a parent for a mere 9 months, this has transformed her incredibly. She now does the dishes (ok she puts the dishes into the dishwasher), cleans the house, cooks all the meals (for baby and family! omg) Yes! She now does the housework for 20, for free! She is now a superwoman, oops my bad, should be super (bad) housewife. 

You won't be able to find any fairytales here, but brutally honest advice and stories about being a real mommy in the society. It is a lonely process yet oh so fruitful.

Welcome to my blog and welcome to parenthood!

Ophelia xo




  • Five ways to help your baby sleep through the night
    Yes it’s hard, it’s very hard…but, you can do this! No matter what method you use for delivering the child, the first month of giving birth is always the hardest, you need to juggle between everything! you need to feed the baby 24/7, recover from the wound, talk to the world about the good news, not to mention finding time for rest and sleep. The only thing you want is a good night’s sleep. But guess what? you would probably be woken up a few times at night for the first …
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  • How to lose your belly weight after giving birth
    First of all, this is not a sponsored post. This is really what I think every woman needs for them to lose the belly weight after giving birth– A belly bandit and a confinement diet.   1, Belly Bandit What is it? It is a band that wraps around your waist to tighten your muscles after giving birth. Why do we need it? No matter whether you are slim or chubby, your core muscles of your stomach will be loosened  (some might even be broken as the pressure of pushing the baby out is …
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