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Once upon a time there was a girl who doesn't do the dishes, clean the house, let alone looking after a baby! The simplest stuff in the eyes of most women out there was her absolute nightmare. She couldn't imagine being a housewife in her wildest dreams. But somehow, after being a parent, this has transformed her incredibly.

You won't be able to find any fairytales here, but brutally honest advice and stories about being a real mommy in the society. It is a lonely process yet oh so fruitful.

Welcome to my blog and welcome to parenthood!

Ophelia xo




  • 20 Fun things to do with your kids at home20 fun things to do with your kids at home
    In Motherhood
    Are you reading this at your home thinking what to do with your kids for the coming months? If so, you are at the right place! 3 months into 2020, and Coronavirus is still going strong. It has now spread to every part of the world, including the UK. Nobody knows whether schools will shut soon and almost people everywhere are now stockpiling for […]
  • 6 reasons why a stay-at-home mom should be made a paid job
    In Motherhood
    Simply because being a Stay-At-Home Mom (SATM) is the hardest job ever? From being a childcare teacher to being a chef, being a Stay-At-Home Mom essentially means an amassment of 10 jobs in one person. I don’t know why I’m writing this but I feel like the role of being a full-time mother at home should be celebrated. All moms should be […]
  • Chessington World of Adventures ResortDay out: Chessington World of Adventures Resort
    In Travel
    Do you live in the London/Surrey area but have run out of ideas of where to go with kids? If so, read on as I’ll be introducing my son’s favourite themed park to you today– Chessington World of Adventures Resort! You might be thinking, themed parks are for older kids and are not suitable for toddlers! I used to think the same […]
  • The not your normal Leggings by Love Leggings- Review and GIVEAWAY!
    In Fashion
    Are you a fan of leggings? Or are you more of a jeans person? With leggings, it can be like marmite- you either love it or hate it. Personally, I love a good pair of leggings as it is very versatile. You could wear it on its own with a top or you could wear it under a dress (which you can’t with jeans). However, it’s not always easy to […]
  • Why I have started writing this blog…
    In Motherhood
    I’m writing this post purely because I want to remind myself the original intention of creating this blog! Apart from the many reasons of keeping a record of our family life, this blog also provides me with a platform to connect with people out there! (people outside of my circle!) Most importantly, this blog is now a voice of mine, […]
  • 5 tips in how to make an outfit look expensive
    In Fashion
    What we see all over Instagram is celebs and bloggers wearing expensive brands and having different outfits every day (trend-following), but is it a must? Of course you can do it if you are a millionaire, but if you are a stay-at-home mama like me, you’ll probably go for budget-savy classic items which will work hard for you all year long! I […]
  • Natural product to brighten up skinThe secret of having brighter skin naturally
    In Hair & Beauty, Pregnancy
    Do you long to have brighter skin all your life but don’t know which product you should buy? If you are saying yes, read on and you might just find the answer. I am not selling you any products today, in fact, I am suggesting a method where you could brighten your skin without costing a fortune or breaking the bank! And I am gonna teach you […]
  • 5 things no one tells you about life after miscarriage
    In Motherhood, Pregnancy
    Life following my miscarriage was quite a mess to say the least. I was hiding in my country home hoping nobody would ask about what happened with my life recently. My skin was a mess as my postnatal hormones were flying everywhere. My body was in shock still. What happened after miscarriage was similar to having given birth to a real baby. If you […]
  • In Photos: Our day at Belgravia in Bloom 2019
    In Travel
    I love flowers ! If anything, I could buy a whole house full of flowers if I could. This week, it’s the Chelsea Flower Show week and it’s also the arrival of Chelsea in Bloom and Belgravia in Bloom. Funnily enough, I’ve heard of the reputable Chelsea Flower Show but I didn’t know there are these streets filled with blossoms […]
  • Easter weekend at Bocketts Farm ParkThe award-winning Bocketts Farm Park review 2019
    In Motherhood, Travel
    I don’t think any moms would bring their kids to a farm on a rainy day, do you? The award-winning Bocketts Farm Park is an exception, I would say. Apart from the usual park facilities for kids to play outdoor, it has a massive variety of indoor soft play for kids to play for the day. I love bringing Eli to different places. I especially like […]
  • working as Boden partnerA colourful clothing brand for the fashionistas: Boden
    In Fashion
    Are you the type of girls that are more into trends? or are you more into classic styles and quality? I wish we could have both right, I find most brands out there are either very trendy or they do brilliantly quality clothes. It’s an “either or” branding strategy. I think my fashion methodology has evolved. If it was 10 years […]
  • A private lens into my miscarriage journey
    In Motherhood, Pregnancy
    Is miscarriage a taboo where nobody ever talks about in the society? There’s been a lot of tears but God helped me through it in the end. I know for sure it was a blessing in disguise. I’ve been pondering whether I should share this in public as miscarriage has always been such a private matter that nobody dares to ever talk about, it […]
  • Eminence skincare ukThe skincare brand I love during pregnancy
    In Hair & Beauty, Pregnancy
    Are you longing to switch to an organic skincare brand but don’t know which is best for your skin? If so, you might have the answer today. *This post is solely my own opinion and is not sponsored. I have several skincare brands which I love and adore throughout the years. During pregnancy, however, I would like to keep my skincare as natural […]
  • The best eye creams I love for every budget 2018
    In Hair & Beauty
    *This is my honest review and is not a sponsored post. If you ask me the one thing I feel I have changed after giving birth, it would most definitely be my new found panda eyes. Battling insufficient sleep 24/7, it’s no question why most mommies out there has panda eyes as their friends. If you don’t have dark circles under your eyes, […]
  • 8 Best child friendly restaurants in London
    In Food, Travel
    If you love food and especially love exploring where to eat good food in London, you’ll probably have learnt that most popular restaurants in London are catered for people without kids. They are not child-friendly as such that they don’t have baby-changing facilities, let alone a kids’ menu or a play area for the little ones. […]
  • When baby cries: how to calm baby and mommy
    In Motherhood
    Now I understand why some mommies can get post natal depression! *Disclaimer: this post is not to deter you from giving birth or be scared about having a baby, view it as a possible solution to the endless cry. If you are currently struggling with baby’s cry ……you might finally see an end to it! (yep! this can be done!)   […]
  • baby in winterTop 3 winter must-haves for your baby
    In Fashion, Motherhood
    Don’t leave winter shopping till too late! The weather’s been going up and down these days in Britain, some days being really warm and the last few days were terribly cold. It’s time for us to get ready for winter. Buy now and don’t leave winter shopping till last minute! Apart from getting a jacket for the little ones, […]
  • Best baby product essentials of 2017
    In Motherhood
    Do you have in mind the best baby product essentials of 2017? 2017 has been overwhelmed with all sorts of high tech baby stuff, ranging from electric thermometers to video baby monitors, but do we really need them? For me, the best baby product essentials of 2017 have to fulfil quite a few criteria. Foremost, it has to significantly help with/ […]
  • Top 10 best free places to go with your toddlers in East London
    In Travel
    I love going out, if you ask me to stay home one day and do nothing, I think I’ll go crazy! It’s true though, after I gave birth to Eli it’s hard to get out of the house (even to get some fresh air) for the first few months as I was nursing 24/7. Even if I got out of the house, all I do is breastfeeding, breastfeeding and more […]
  • The one sport your baby can do naturally
    In Motherhood
    The one sport your baby can do naturally… can you guess what it is?   yep, you are right! it’s swimming!       Science have proved that baby can instinctively hold their breath under water from birth to approximately 6 months due to a bradycardic reflex, which is part of the mammalian diving reflex. When […]
  • The best kind of bags for all mommies 2017
    In Fashion
    What’s the best kind of bags for all mommies 2017? you may wonder. A diaper bag?  A massive tote to carry all of your kid’s toys?   …… …… …… No, No, No… I am not talking about the big ones where you carry all of your baby’s essentials every day… Here, I am talking about […]
  • What to do when your baby have eczema
    In Motherhood
    I am writing this post because a few of my friend’s kids have eczema, including my son who has it since he was 3-month-old. It seems fairly common these days. I am no expert in this but I want to share with you my experience regarding eczema and the useful things I have done fighting it. when we went to the GP, all he did was saying he got […]
  • Five ways to help your baby sleep through the night
    In Motherhood
    Yes it’s hard, it’s very hard…but, you can do this! No matter what method you use for delivering the child, the first month of giving birth is always the hardest, you need to juggle between everything! you need to feed the baby 24/7, recover from the wound, talk to the world about the good news, not to mention finding time […]
  • How to lose your belly weight after giving birth
    In Motherhood
    *This is not a sponsored post. This is really what I think every woman needs for them to lose the belly weight after giving birth– A belly bandit and a confinement diet.   1, Belly Bandit What is it? It is a band that wraps around your waist to tighten your muscles after giving birth. Why do we need it? No matter whether you are slim or […]
  • 4 brands I love for nursing in style
    In Fashion, Motherhood
    *This is not a sponsored post I used to struggle to find the perfect dress or top to nurse as I am picky about the style of them. I don’t like everything that is too exposed and I hate styles that screams “nursing” to me. On top of that, as my belly has already shrinked postpartum, most nursing dress don’t fit me well. I […]